Waterfront Homes in Orlando

Living Lakeside in Central Florida

Many families who are thinking about moving to Orlando are drawn here by the promise of a waterfront home. Such properties are available across Central Florida whether you are hoping to be close to the region’s most popular attractions, the business opportunities of downtown or a more relaxed and rural locale.

If you are looking for a waterfront home, then you’ve come to the right place. Waypointe Realty offers you an unparalleled resource for finding a waterfront home in Central Florida.

What kind of home are you looking for? Perhaps you’re seeking a single-family home that’s big enough to welcome all of your relations at the holidays. On the other hand, you might be looking for a cozy townhouse or a sleek and modern condo that’s just big enough for the two of you. Whatever your preferences may be, you’ll find them right here with the help of Waypointe Realty.

If you are planning to build a custom home on the perfect parcel of lakefront land, then the Realtors at Waypointe Realty can help. We can keep you informed about available plots of land of any size, whether you’re looking for something that’s sized just right to accommodate the home of your dreams or includes enough acreage so that you can finally have the horse property that you’ve been planning for years.

What are you looking for in a lakefront home in Orlando? Most buyers prefer a single-family dwelling with a minimum of three bedrooms and several bathrooms as well. Central Florida is one of the few places that can boast a wide variety of properties matching this description. That’s mainly because there are so many beautiful bodies of water in the region. Of course, the lakes and rivers aren’t the only inducements to choose these properties. Many of them also boast great schools, a collection of gorgeous community parks, nearby services and excellent access to major highways.

Lakefront homes in this region may be either new construction or older homes with plenty of character and charm. Which one is right for you? It really just depends on what you prefer.

A brand-new home has all of the modern bells and whistles. You’ll find spacious square footage, a wealth of custom design options, gourmet kitchens, three-car garages and much more.

Older homes run the gamut from cottage-style charmers from the 1930s and 1940s to the sprawling ranch homes of the 1970s and 1980s. While some of these homes have been extensively renovated since their construction, others are waiting to receive some TLC from a new owner. If you’ve always wanted to remodel a home, then one of these properties could be your chance.

Of course, some families aren’t looking for a home that’s right on the water. Maybe they are looking for a property that has convenient access to a lake or stream. Still others are looking for a private lake that they can call their own. A townhouse or condominium alternatively could be the perfect choice for families who want fewer responsibilities for maintaining a yard.

No matter what shape your dreams of owning real estate in Orlando entail, the Realtors at Waypointe Realty have the knowledge, experience and resources that you need to make that dream a reality.

Start browsing the listings today to find the perfect property for you.

Waterfront Properties For Sale in Orlando

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