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Moving is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Over the years, our relocation specialists have worked with relocations from all over the country. We have helped them find their perfect home and have met every deadline required. We can do the same for you!

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Moving To Central Florida

  • New job?
  • Looking for a change?
  • Moving to be closer to family?
Whatever the reason on relocating to Oviedo, we’re here to help!
There are so many wonderful things to do in Central Florida for the whole family. It may be a little overwhelming to find the right location close to everything you’re looking for, but we can make the transition a smooth one.

Our Specialists

We understand that purchasing a new home can be stressful enough, but moving from out of state can bring different challenges that can feel overwhelming. Our relocation specialists are here to make your relocation to Oviedo a seamless process and help you find your perfect new home without the stress.
Working with an experienced Oviedo real estate agent during your relocation is the best way to ensure that your home purchase goes smoothly. It can be nerve-wracking to find the right house in the right neighborhood, particularly when you’re not familiar with the area. That’s where the expertise of your local Realtor comes in.
Your Oviedo Realtor is your number one resource for discovering everything you need to know about the distinct neighborhoods in the region. While working with your Realtor, you’ll have access to all sorts of vital information like local taxes, weather patterns, school performance statistics and much more.
Think of a Realtor as being your extraordinarily adept guide to everything about Oviedo. What’s your major concern about the place you live? Do you want to be close to work? Perhaps you’d prefer to be near where you can enjoy nightlife on a regular basis. If you’re a family with young children, then the quality of local schools may be your top concern. Whatever your priorities may be, your local Oviedo Realtor can give you the answers you seek.

Know All the Facts

Too many people don’t consider all of the pertinent factors that impact choosing a new home during relocation. That’s understandable because relocating is an enormous and often stressful task. This can lead to choosing a home for all of the wrong reasons or ending up in a neighborhood that just doesn’t suit your lifestyle. However, you won’t waste time or money when you work with an experienced Oviedo Realtor from The Waypointe Group.

A Realtor who works as a relocation specialist may oversee a variety of tasks on your behalf. This may include locating a real estate agent who can handle selling your current home and finding you a reputable moving company right in your area. Homeowners who have particularly large or delicate items will really appreciate this service. Just tell your Realtor about any special packing concerns you have, and they can help you coordinate with the moving company.

Of course, one of the most important services that any relocation specialist can perform is helping you find a new home. Oviedo boasts so many attractive new developments and neighborhoods that it can be difficult to keep up with it all. However, a local relocation specialist makes it a point to stay in the know on all of the real estate that’s available on the market. This means that they can act quickly when the right property for you becomes available. With their assistance, you’ll be in your new dream home in no time at all.

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Ready to Move?

Oviedo continues to be one of the highest desired areas in all of Central Florida and we are the highest rated company in Oviedo.

Real Estate:

  • Median Home Sales price was $350,000 over the last 365 days 
  • Home Values have increased 7.8% over the last year

The Schools:

  • 8 out of 9 schools are A rated with the other being a B rated school
  • Graduation Rate for Seminole County is 92.8%. That’s #1 out of all Central Florida districts, #1 out of the 17 largest districts, and #4 out of all Florida districts.

The Parks:

  • 24 active and passive parks
  • Over 40 miles of paved trails
  • 8 wilderness areas encompassing over 6,600 acres

The County:

  • 4.46% Population growth year over year
  • #43 Best places to live in the USA.

Companies We’ve Worked With

We have dedicated relocation experts to help guide our clients through the complexity of relocating to Seminole County and have met every deadline. We have helped clients relocate to the following companies:

Are you ready to relocate to Oviedo and start the process?

Looking to Relocate to Oviedo?

Leaving Central Florida?

If you’re in a position to leave Oviedo to find a new home, let us recommend an agent for you in your new city. Again, we understand that there are a lot of pressures that accompany moving and we want to make that process as easy as possible.
Are you selling or renting your property in Central Florida? We can help you with that as well. We will work diligently to sell your home here as quickly as possible to give you the financial freedom to move to your new city. If you would rather want to rent your property, we can connect you with tenants and manage your property for you. Contact us today to get the process started.

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