Why Stage Your Home and the Best Rooms to Stage

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4 reasons why you should stage your home when selling & the 6 rooms in your home that you should be focused on!

Here are 4 reasons why you should stage your home when selling it:

1. Your home will shine online ? 92% of home buyers look online first
2. It shows off the potential of the property ? staging allows buyers to visualize themselves in your home
3. It spurs walk-through ? it encourages people to walk through your home
4. Your home will sell faster- 2/3 of agents say staged homes are going to sell much faster than any other home

These are the 6 rooms in your home that you should focus on staging:

1. Living room
2. Master bedroom
3. Kitchen
4. Outdoor space
5. Dining room
6. Bathroom

Staging your home can increase your selling price 1-5%. These tips and tricks can help you sell your home for more and show prospective buyers how your home can be their future home. As real estate experts, we love working with our sellers to maximize their profit and get homes sold quickly.

When working with real estate professionals, it’s important to choose someone who knows the area and is an expert in the market. At Waypointe Realty, we strive to stay educated about our market and understand our sellers and buyers, their needs and how we can best serve them in one of the most important decisions they’ll make.

We help clients all over Florida sell and buy their homes with ease. Our customers are the main reason that we have been successful as professional real estate agents in Central Florida.

While we help clients all over Florida, we primarily work in the Orlando area with our office in Oviedo, Florida. So how do you get started with either selling or buying a home? Contact us to set up an initial conversation to show you how Waypointe Realty can help you sell your home or help you purchase a new home.

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