3 Best Real Estate Markets in the Orlando area for 2017

Central Florida Real Estate in 2017

Real estate experts have predicted that Orlando will be among the top real estate markets nationally in 2017. It’s placed at number seven among other growing cities like Portland, Oregon, and Sacramento, California. Analysts project a price growth of approximately 5.69 percent and sales growth of 6.1 percent. This means that Orlando home values will increase nicely in 2017.

Orlando is home to numerous attractive neighborhoods that feature a wealth of desirable properties. However, we expect three of these areas to bypass the rest in terms of Orlando home values over the next year. These are: Thornton Park in Downtown Orlando, Oviedo and Winter Park. A closer look at each of these communities reveals why they are especially appealing to buyers and why they should be considered when looking at where to purchase a home in 2017.

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