How to Benefit in a Hot Real Estate Market With a 1+ Acre Property

Oviedo, Florida (August 4, 2017) — Waypointe Realty has made a career out of selling homes in the niche market of those with more than an acre of land. With the hot real estate market that exists in Central Florida, sales are happening relatively quickly, but there are ways to maximize your property value before the sale is final.

“We specialize in the niche market of homes with larger lot sizes,” said Jenelle Ferrer, President of Waypointe Realty.


5 Reasons Rural Living is on the Rise

Are You Seeking Greener Pastures?

Although the overall percentage of Americans living in rural areas is declining as urban and suburban regions grow, real estate figures show the rural population increasing across Central Florida including Seminole County. At Waypointe Realty we are experiencing this migration first hand and are finding that we are having a hard time finding enough rural properties for our clients. We are seeing a mix of young home buyers looking to buy their first homes and middle aged couples looking to get out of the of city. Whether you are looking for lakefront acreage or a working farm, we will show you why more and more Seminole County residents are moving to the country.