5 Reasons to Relocate to Orlando

Thinking about a ‘Move’ to Orlando?

Orlando is world renowned as a vacation destination. However, most people don’t realize that this Central Florida city is also a spectacular place to live. The reality is that Orlando is a desirable location for singles, retirees and families of all descriptions. Check out this list if you need to know some of the best reasons for calling Orlando home.

1. Weather and Climate

Orlando’s favorable climate is one of the main reasons people give for relocating here. In January, high temperatures average about 70 degrees. Temperatures peak in July and August in the lower 90s before cooling off to the 80s and 70s in the following months. Throughout it all, the sun shines for about 95 percent of the time. Occasional rain showers keep things interesting as well as offering necessary hydration to gardens. All of that fabulous weather means that it’s incredibly easy to enjoy the area’s entertainment. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Relocate to Orlando”