Where to see Christmas Lights in Central Florida

Locations to see christmas lights in central florida

Central Florida Holiday Lights

December is a festive time in Central Florida. Parades, craft bazaars and visits with Santa are perennial favorites, but the highlight of the season is always the many displays of Christmas lights. No matter which neighborhood you visit, you’re bound to find plenty of sparkle and shine. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

Winter Park

Winter Park is known for many things like the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art and the Mead Botanical Garden. While these attractions might be better known, the holiday light display at the intersection of Lakemont and Aloma Avenues definitely deserves just as much attention. For many years now, the vast majority of the homeowners around that intersection have participated in this yuletide celebration. Lucky visitors might arrive in time for the annual block party during which the city shuts down a portion of the street. With millions of lights and plenty of high-tech accompaniment, the whole family will have an amazing time in Winter Park.


Lake Nona

Lake Nona’s famous Golf and Country Club isn’t the best reason to visit the area when Christmas draws near. That honor belongs to thehome at 9800 Old Patina Way. This effort has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Two men known simply as Todd and Randy have worked tirelessly since 2011 to bring this dazzling display to life. As Walt Disney World employees, they understand the value of making everything just a bit bigger and better. They may not have achieved their initial goal of outshining the Christmas display at the theme parks, but they certainly have managed to impress their neighbors and the thousands of visitors who marvel at the sight year after year. The display is coordinated by advanced computer software and timed with favorite Christmas carols.



Kissimmee is a favorite of locals and tourists thanks to its shopping and proximity to most of the major theme parks. In December, it boasts an added attraction in the form of a magnificent holiday display at 1642 Sunburst Way. Homeowner Ron Lister strives to outdo himself year after year. The lights and figures are rearranged, improved and added to so that each December an even greater number of people will come to marvel at the artistry of the work. Kissimmee is also notable for the display at 14645 Grand Cove Drive. Named Christmas in the Shire, people who want to enjoy the total experience may want to visit the homeowner’s Facebook page to register to see the home’s interior as well as its exterior. While the outside is stunning, the interior is just as breathtaking.


Mount Dora

The celebration in Mount Dora is so all encompassing that they have a full-blown Christmas Lights Festival. To participate, it’s necessary to go to the town’s picturesque central quarter, which is illuminated by more than two million lights. The show begins on the weekend after Thanksgiving with a festive party that features carols, dancing and Santa. However, the lights are on every night throughout the holiday season, so it’s always possible to enjoy the festive display.

No matter where you roam in Central Florida throughout the month of December, you’re bound to encounter dazzling light displays. With a wealth of homeowners who are determined to outdo each other and themselves year after year, you won’t want to miss any of these incredible, memorable light shows so that you can have the merriest Christmas ever.

Some other notable areas and events to view Christmas lights:

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