Orlando Recognized as One of America’s Most Caring Cities

Downtown Orlando and Lake Eola area

Good Ole’ Orlando

When it comes to American cities, Orlando really has it all. It’s a great place to raise kids with all of the fantastic entertainment options, the weather is gorgeous year round and you just can’t beat the opportunities for outdoor recreation. However, did you also know that Orlando is one of America’s kindest cities?

According to a “Wallet Hub” study, Orlando is America’s 34th most caring city. Researchers looked at 26 metrics to determine which American cities were the nicest. Each of the 100 most-populated cities in the U.S. were ranked according to various factors such as who puts in the most volunteer time, who does favors for neighbors most frequently and how much money is donated to charity. According to the outcome, Boise, Idaho is the nicest city as it ranks at number one while Detroit, Michigan has some work to do with its bottom-of-the-barrel ranking.

Nicest City in Florida

Orlando’s 34th place finish puts it ahead of any other Florida metro area. Jacksonville came in at 44, while Tampa squeezed into the 71st slot. Miami barely made it to the list, coming in at number 92. Clearly, there are more reasons to choose Orlando real estate than just the fantastic weather.

Of course, people who have lived in Orlando for many years are already familiar with what makes this such a wonderful community. The friendly neighbors are a definite plus, and so are the public schools, which are generally known for having small class sizes and excellent teachers. As an added bonus, Orlando is home to some two dozen public and private colleges. This provides the local population with endless opportunities to experience collegiate sports and thriving arts scenes. Anyone looking for more cultural enrichment might want to check out what’s happening at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Central Florida Real Estate

Orlando real estate is also a great choice thanks to the beautiful communities that are found here. Whether you want something with a view of the water or a property that’s close to a golf course, you’ll find the perfect home. We’ve got properties that are close to Orlando’s best schools and others that put the best nightlife spots within easy reach. Contact us to learn more about Orlando real estate.

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