Orlando Ranked #2 Nationwide To Buy A Home

Orlando is ranked number 2 nationwide for buying a home

Orlando: One of the Best Places to Buy a House

Orlando is so much more than theme parks. In fact, it is a wonderful place to live, and it seems like more and more people are discovering that. This is demonstrated by Orlando’s current spot as number two in the country for buying single family homes.

The nationwide ranking comes from Ten-X, an online marketplace for real estate transactions. Findings are based on numerous factors like demand for single family homes, the appreciation of home prices and overall economic growth in the region. Nashville took the top spot, but Orlando was right behind that Tennessee city.

Ten-X reports that Orlando’s annual sales growth has been outpacing the overall U.S. rate for the past 10 quarters. Most recently, Orlando single family home sales has grown by 5.7 percent year over year. Home prices are up a reported 60 percent when measured across the last five years. Nonetheless, Orlando’s home prices remain competitive and affordable.

The city’s population is growing too, and with Orlando’s economic forecast looking promising, it is likely that this trend is going to continue for some years. Prospective buyers may want to purchase now while prices are still relatively low. This is a great opportunity to get real estate in a fantastic neighborhood that might be out of your reach in a few years’ time.

What Makes Orlando Such a Great Place to Live?

This is one city that boasts tremendous diversity when it comes to neighborhoods and communities. You could find a home close to the downtown area. That puts you within easy reach of restaurants, clubs, concerts, shopping and the Orange County government. Residential neighborhoods are just as desirable. Many of them were initially developed in the 1920s during the “City Beautiful” movement. This means that they are dotted with graceful old oak trees and bungalows that sit lakeside.

Regardless of which type of neighborhood ultimately grabs your attention, you are bound to love the lifestyle here. The weather is gorgeous and sunny most of the year. It may rain pretty frequently, but that just keeps gardens green and growing. No matter what sort of outdoor pastimes you love, you’ll be able to indulge them all year through. From golfing, fishing and boating to hiking, birdwatching and kayaking, you can do it all in and around Orlando.

Talk To an Orlando Real Estate Expert

If you want to learn more about the real estate market in Orlando, then you need an expert to act as your guide. Contact our experienced Realots today to start exploring the city’s many neighborhoods. Chances are good that you’ll easily see why Orlando is one of the best places in the country to buy single family homes.

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