Home Buying Challenge for Millennial’s

Hear a little about Waypointe and how we help millennial’s with the challenges of purchasing their first home:

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Hi my name is Jenelle Ferrer, broker and owner of Waypointe Realty. I’ve been in real estate for 10 years, but it feels like forever. My mom actually received her real estate license in the mail the day I was born, so I’ve seen it in action literally my entire life. As a millennial, I understand the struggles that my generation is experiencing when they’re thinking about buying their first home, especially without any background in the real estate market. Most universities don’t teach anything on real estate, title or mortgage, unless it’s your major.

But that’s where I come in to help. I know how to speak your language. I know how to make you understand what the process of real estate looks like and I’m on your side.

The percentage of 25-34 year olds is the largest in the labor force that it’s been in 8 years. Millennials have also begun to enjoy wage gains, so kudos to you guys on your promotions. The recent census data showed that in 2015 our income jumped 7%. That’s more than any other groups.

Now, the biggest challenge for the millennial population is the fact that most are looking for their very first home, which qualifies as an entry level home. Now I’m sure you guys have already been on Zillow and Realtor.com and seen that it’s hard to find properties that are lasting very long. With inventory being the lowest we’ve seen in years, it’s really challenging to find a home, and then when you do, you realize there are a ton of bids on the same property.

This, by no means, makes it impossible to find a home. It just means you need to work with a professional Realtor, that knows the area and is going to help you make that a reality. Sometimes I will tell my customers maybe you should wait a little bit and actually save some money to put a larger down payment.

I?m on your side. I don’t want to get you in on something that’s too much for you to handle monthly where you’re going to feel like there’s just no way I can pay this, and then lose your home. I rather help you find what you’re looking for; what you love; and you’re able to afford; and that you can actually get in.

So that is where I can come and help you.

On our website, we actually have an infographic that shows you the steps to purchasing a home, because many times it may seem overwhelming and not know where to go. This is going to help you gauge and understand what the process looks like as I hand hold you through the entire process to make sure you:

  • Understand it
  • Feel comfortable
  • Know exactly what you’re getting into

That’s our promise here at Waypointe as we point your way home.

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