Buyers Are Picky!

We want to talk about how buyers are incredibly picky in this market.

Blame HGTV or DIY channels that have made renovations a top priority for buyers, but it’s real. Homes are staying longer on the market when they are outdated in a buyer’s eyes, doesn’t matter how well the condition of the home has been kept

With our sellers, every time we list the property, we want to make sure that they are getting top dollar and being able to sell their home quickly because we know exactly what buyers are looking for when they walk into properties.

We are seeing with our buyers that as they walk into a property they are immediately looking at how much they need to spend in renovations, how many updates do they need to do and what are the costs necessary to make this home “move-in ready”.

Now “move-in ready” used to mean that you can move in and the home is ready to go. But this is not how buyers are actually looking at it. They are looking at it as “Is it move-in ready for me? Is it the way that I want it to look, the way that I want it to be my forever home?”

Kitchen facelift

We try to prep our sellers to make sure that the staging and everything in the property looks just right from a buyer’s perspective. The more you can do on the selling side to renovate, do easy facelifts, and minor renovations, can make a big difference when buyers come and see the home.

Bathroom facelift and staging

If it doesn’t, it doesn’t matter the price range, buyers are being picky. We need to make sure the properties are not just ready for the market as far as price, but that the condition of the home is exactly what buyers are looking for.

Give us a call and we will help you get started on exactly what that looks like at 407-801-9914. 

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