How to Benefit in a Hot Real Estate Market With a 1+ Acre Property

Benefiting from a hot market when you own 1 or more acres of land

Oviedo, Florida (August 4, 2017) — Waypointe Realty has made a career out of selling homes in the niche market of those with more than an acre of land. With the hot real estate market that exists in Central Florida, sales are happening relatively quickly, but there are ways to maximize your property value before the sale is final.

“We specialize in the niche market of homes with larger lot sizes,” said Jenelle Ferrer, President of Waypointe Realty.

“That means that it is essential to differentiate our listings to highlight the benefits of a bigger yard. It also means that Waypointe Realty must help sellers maximize the value of their property by showcasing the existing features of a larger lot.”

Here are a few things Ferrer suggests:

Study the homes in your immediate area to determine relative lot sizes, recent sales and appraised values.
Focus marketing efforts on the size of the lot in comparison to other homes in the vicinity.
Highlight advantages like corners lots and location, if it can enhance security and privacy.
Invest in landscaping and ensure that the yard is manicured during the selling process.
Don’t forget flowers, color throughout the property can be very appealing and attractive.

Whether you are buying or selling, Waypointe Realty is the right choice for your real estate needs. Contact us today at 407-801-9914

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