6 questions you should never ask a Realtor

6 Questions You Should NEVER Ask a Realtor So many questions when you’re looking to buy and sell a home, but there are many that should NEVER be asked…

How to buy investment properties in this market | Tips to avoid biggest mistakes in investing

How to buy investment properties in this market

Are you looking to start your investment portfolio with real estate? Small scale Real Estate investors are just as concerned about today’s

3 Reasons to Keep your Home Cool In Florida

3 Reasons to Keep Your Home Cool in Florida

For all of you that have recently relocated to Florida from other states, especially those were humidity is not a factor, listen

How to Avoid Buyer's Remorse in This Market

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse in This Market

Inventory is at a record low, prices are high, interest rates are incredible and millennials have found themselves frustrated as they’ve entered

What to expect from a home inspection

What to expect from a Home Inspection

The home inspection provides buyers with a critical opportunity to uncover faults in their dream home before they make a purchase. When

Orlando Real Estate Market report July

Real Estate Market Update

Just wanted to give you another update market report because as crazy as it is for me to believe, we are more

Thinking of moving to Florida?

Should you move to Florida?

Thinking About Moving to the Sunshine State? Whether you live in Washington or Wisconsin, chances are good that you have visited Florida

3 Pros and Cons of HOA's in Florida

3 Pros and Cons of HOA’s

Welcome to iHeart Realty. Hi you guys! Today we will be talking about HOA’s. For those of you who do not know

What to expect when moving to Florida | Waypointe Realty

What to expect when moving to Florida

Are you thinking about moving to Florida? If so, then there are some essentials that you need to know about. That’s because