Home Selling Process

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

Getting the most for your home or property means doing more than putting a “For Sale” sign out front. In a competitive market where new homes for sale are added daily, you need to have an market analysis done to determine the best price point for you listing. Your listing also needs to be seen in a variety of places in order to stand out because sometimes the right buyer is waiting out of state, or even in another country. To ensure sure your home gets noticed and sells without a hitch for the best possible price, consider working with a top real estate professional. It could mean the difference between no sale, and the payoff you’ve been waiting for.

Home Selling Process Breakdown:

  1. Contact us for a FREE CMA. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) provides you, as the seller, an evaluation of similar, recently sold homes called comparables. We look at comparable homes of similar size, condition, age, and style that recently sold in your area. This helps us look at the average price per square foot in your area and look at pricing options.
  2. Determine the listing price. Once we have completed the CMA, we will discuss the best price to sell your home.
  3. Execute the Listing Agreement. The listing agreement gives us the opportunity to sell your property and outline the details of that agreement.
  4. List your property for sale. Once we have finalized the listing agreement, it’s time to list your property on the MLS (multiple listing services) and other sources to help market your property to the broadest audience.
  5. Launch marketing plan. At Waypointe, our primary marketing focus is internet marketing. Our social media pages are dedicated to promoting our clients’ properties as well as market news. Along with all the social media outlets available, we focus on our networking and agent database to expand the reach of your listing beyond the reach of the MLS.
  6. Schedule Open Houses. We will work with your schedule and make sure we use every opportunity to market your property through Open Houses.
  7. Receive and negotiate offer(s). Once we receive an offer, we will negotiate and determine that it is a fair offer for the market, while ensuring you are satisfied with the result.
  8. Place property as pending. As soon as we have an executed contract, we will place the property as pending and start working with the title company towards closing.
  9. Review the Closing Disclosure Form. Prior to closing, you will have the opportunity to review the Closing Disclosure Form listing the details of the closing costs for the sale.
  10. Close on your property. Congratulations! You have sold your property.

We will work with you throughout the home selling process and focus on making it as smooth as possible. Our goal is to ensure your outcome is to your satisfaction.

Six Reasons to Sell your Home with a REALTOR

  1. We provide expert knowledge of the local real estate climate.
  2. We develop a custom marketing plan to sell your home.
  3. Get your home listed and talked about everywhere, not just in the local paper and on your street.
  4. Attract buyers via the Internet.
  5. Have all the paperwork taken care of for you.
  6. Negotiate with the help of your real estate professional.

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