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The rural community of Black Hammock is located in Oviedo, Florida. Black Hammock is a hidden gem in Seminole County and the only rural community in Oviedo. As Oviedo continues to grow, this beautiful community, surrounded by over 1000 acres of conservation and Lake Jesup, stays protected. It has easy access to SR 417 (also known as the Central Florida GreeneWay), shops and restaurants, while still maintaining the country feel.
Black Hammock real estate ranges from an acre to over 15 acres in land of all different sizes and styles. This is a community where neighbors wave at each other as you drive by, know the history of their home, know most of their neighbors and have seen the growth all around them, while enjoying their piece of paradise.

“We Have Lived in the Black Hammock Since 2013.”

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Population in the Black Hammock Community: 1,144

Zip Code

32765 – Search for homes in Black Hammock

Median Income

$54,083 for a household


Family Circle Magazine named Oviedo in its Top Ten Best Towns for Families in 2011, citing its first-rate schools, giving spirit, affordable housing and green spaces. Black Hammock is located in the beautiful city of Oviedo, Florida.

Current Events

Black Hammock is home to Pappy’s Patch, a widely known and loved strawberry and blueberry field where you pick delicious strawberries from December-April and blueberries from April-June. Families join together to enjoy berry picking on this family-owned farm.

Current Issues

The natural beauty of the Black Hammock Wilderness Area regularly attract many visitors to the area and among those visitors are developers. A majority of the Black Hammock is behind a rural boundary instituted by the local government in 2004 but that statute is being threatened by developers wanting to develop the large swaths of this sensitive ecosystem.

Wildlife Abounds

The Black Hammock Wilderness Area in Oviedo consists of two-trails areas, the largest being a 700- acre reserve surrounding the south east portion of Lake Jesup. There is approximately 4.5 miles of trails to hike through various habitats of swamp, Pine Flatwoods and sand pine scrub. You can find the barred owls, white-tailed deer, bobcats, wild rabbits, several species of snake and other wild animals. This is a beautiful destination for photographers, hikers, mountain bikers and those simply loving the outdoors.